What is Condominium Ownership and how is it different?

As an owner of a condominium unit you not only own your property and home but you own a  share and interest in all the property defined as common property of the Corporation. As such every owner has a vested interest in the betterment of the entirety of the Condominium property including buildings, hallways, grounds, pools and recreational facilities to name a few. It is the job of the board of directors, duly elected from amongst the owners, to guide the corporation toward a long term preservation of value of all that property for the betterment of all owners. Denro Property Management will help that board of directors as an invaluable resource with a team of experienced and professional managers and support staff to achieve that goal.

Why should we use a management company?

Professional management of your Condominium Corporation will provide you not only with a broad range of services(including but not limited to accounting, maintenance, and administrative) but also a wealth of knowledge and experience in legislative requirements, best practice guidelines, and handling of important communications

What do I do when I have a maintenance concern at my condominium?

Maintenance concerns are dealt with quickly at Denro and can be logged on our website or by calling the office.  Denro offers a 24/7 on call service to owners of our managed properties for matters that need immediate attention.  When you experience a maintenance concern at your property it’s not necessarily always a matter that involves the condominium corporation but when in doubt call first and we’ll guide you in the appropriate direction.

When an emergency strikes always call 9-1-1 first.

When a situation threatens safety, life, or property act quickly and act wisely, but know that whatever the nature of your concern or situation that Denro is accessible and ready to respond.

What type of property does Denro manage?

Our portfolio of managed properties covers a broad range of sizes and styles of residential, commercial, and mixed use buildings and we are ever expanding to be able to offer our services to a growing list of satisfied clientele. Every property is unique but the end goal of preserving long term value for your real estate asset and having satisfied owners and tenants is the same and we are happy to offer our services if you are looking to achieve those goals.